Macroon Dabbi 1 Nos

Khak-e-shifa Dabbi 1 Nos

Introducing the mystical khak e shifa dabbi! This little jar is packed with the power of khak e shifa, a sacred substance that has been sought after for centuries for its incredible healing properties. Known as the “dust of healing”, khak e shifa is a rare and precious mineral that has been treasured by shamans and healers around the world.

Made with natural ingredients, this potent dabbi has been carefully crafted to deliver the classy joy of hadiyah((gift) in a safe and easy-to-use package. So why wait? Experience the magic of khak e shifa for yourself and your loved ones today with our incredible DABBI!



Since all our products are handcrafted, each product may look slightly different, and the actual colour of the products may vary slightly, yet we have tried to get to the closest to the actual product.


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